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Maldita Vaina is a Dominican-Sudanese artist, researcher, DJ, and facilitator who works with sound, movement, and the senses to activate memories. Maldita Vaina likes to combine and recombine rhythms and genres in her mixes to produce soundscapes for transformation. Her sets are high energy and incorporate sounds Afro, Carribean and Black Diaspora featuring Dembow, Palos, Gaga, Gqom.

As a DJ, Maldita Vaina has played internationally performing shows in Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, Mexico, Germany. She plays with Xiomara Fortuna, and has played with Tokisha, Ali Gua Gua, Venus X. In 2022 she will play in Europe. She is currently on her first solo tour in the United States and Europe.

Her research and facilitation practice has taken her to exhibit in Taiwan (2017), Melbourne (2015), Berlin (2013, 2015, 2018), Barcelona (2019), Budapest (2016), San Francisco (2014, 2016), and Toronto (2018). She was a mentor at Madrid's Media Lab Prado in 2019. She had two radio shows as part of WZLY 91.5 FM (2004) in Wellesley, MA and RadioHive (2009-2011) in NYC. She produced an international art and technology conference in NYC from 2013-2015. She teaches mixing and DJ classes for non-heterosexuals in Santo Domingo and Bonáo.

She currently lives near Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in Itabo, Bajos de Haina, San Cristóbal.